212 Ideas for your Real Estate Blog

212 Ideas for your Real Estate Blog
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Jumpstart your writing with these 212 ideas for your real estate blog.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get writer’s block.  

It actually took me almost a half an hour to begin to write this very post.  I had the idea, made the list, and was ready to go, but just couldn’t make it go.

For most people the hard part is finding a topic to write about.  I’m just a little bit strange, in that I have literally hundreds of great ideas, but don’t always know where to start.  That’s a different blog topic, and I’ve found a great strategy to deal with that specific problem, so be sure to subscribe and I’ll send you a note when I write that article.

Instead, this is a blog post about Real Estate blog posts.

I am sure you have heard how it is no longer a luxury to have a website, but is now a necessity.  Here are 212 different topics to jump start your real estate blog.  Which one will you use first?

Click here to download the 10 page PDF with over 200 Real Estate Blog Post ideas.

I’ve organized them into TEN categories.

  1. General Real Estate Blog Topics
  2. Home Maintenance and Remodeling Ideas
  3. Home Listings
  4. Home Maintenance & Remodeling
  5. Loans & Mortgages
  6. Move Related
  7. Neighborhood
  8. Referrals
  9. Sellers
  10. The Future of Real Estate

Here are a few examples:

  • List the most spectacular pools on the market and include awesome photos
  • Staging – What are some of the most important things I should know when staging my home?
  • Childproof Home Safety Tips.
  • Good neighbors – how to show them you’re appreciative!
  • Parks – Create a list of some of the best parks in your area and include some photos – bonus that you get to visit them

Which one will you use first in your blog?  Let me know in the comments below.