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Sketching in your Moleskin Journal

by Eric Hegwer on 17 May, 2009

Let me just say these three things before I begin:

  1. I didn’t draw the image above
  2. I love Moleskin Journals
  3. I can’t draw my way out of a wet paper bag

Sketching photography ideas isn’t a new idea.  Lots of famous commercial shooters rough out concepts using a paper and pencil before a shoot.  But I can’t draw.  My stick figures look like some kind of disfigured muppet.

But I keep trying.  There is  a full shelf of black moleskin journals in my office full of ideas, sketching attempts, and wedding concepts.  In some cases the drawings are so unintelligible, it looks like they were written in some kind of cryptic code.

If any of you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them.  Until then, until I get better, I’ll be keeping my sketches to myself.  If you are at all interested in seeing them, please share your sketching tips.

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I was quoted on for an article about Travel Fees.

Did you see me on CNN?

by Eric Hegwer on 5 May, 2009

Probably not because I wasn’t on TV – but I was interviewed for an on-line article about Rental Car Travel Fees.  

I travel quite a bit for destination weddings, and have used Hertz almost 100% for the last 4 years.  I try to stay with a single company to collect as many rewards points as possible, and now I am at such a level that I get free car upgrades, discount weekends, and other bonuses whenever I rent.  Of course my clients don’t mind paying for a sub-compact, and I love rolling in a full-size or even premium car when they are available.

Since I am always watching costs, I noticed this little extra surcharge and then when I heard about a reporter asking about strange travel fees, I decided to contact them, and tell them my story.  I had no idea that the article would be on the front Page of for about 4 hours today.

Really, there are so many different charges on the Hertz bills I don’t usually think much about it.  But this energy surcharge was strange – why not just raise prices a couple of cents?  Isn’t that part of the cost of business?  Sure Hertz lost $160M last quarter, so it looks like they they have bigger problems than a 85¢ surcharge.

By the way – that photo is not of me, or one of mine.


Sloppy Borders

by Eric Hegwer on 25 April, 2009

Don’t ever order glossy prints with sloppy borders.  It looks like crap.

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