Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings.  That’s what this post is all about.  The very start of the start.

Eric Hegwer Marketing Facebook Original PhotoHere’s the rundown.  I have exactly zero dollars to grow this business.  That’s right.  My budget is nothing.  I just started a Facebook group with zero followers (my mom already liked my profile photo though).

This isn’t my first post.  You can find that here.  It’s an example of the detail I provide when I am giving a tutorial.

You see, I know my stuff.  I know how to grow a website.  I know how to explain it to others.  In my office at work, I’m the unofficial Tech Guy.  I give seminars on blogging, social media, contact management, and a bunch of other internet tools that a Real Estate agent needs and uses on a daily basis.

Then I prove it all on this website.

Every single piece of marketing I do is fully documented.

Instead of taking the word of some guru or expert, I actually try the different techniques, and share them with you.  In their entirety.  Fully documented.  Easy to understand.

I do this because there is a lot, A LOT, of false marketing info on the web.  I think this post on one of my favorite websites sums it up nicely.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have a formal education in science.  Biochemistry to be exact.

anchor_chart_sci_method_lgI worked in a Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics lab, and would regularly design and analyze experiments for new drugs toxicity and efficacy.

These experiments had to be fully documented, so other scientists anywhere in the world could duplicate the results.  That’s one of the tenets of the scientific method.

Every single marketing technique I do is completely analyzed, and fully explained.

They are built on top of each other, so each time something is Launched, a single element is identified, tweaked, measured, and reported.

Just like in real science.

This isn’t Rocket Science.  It’s Marketing science, and it’s a whole lot easier to understand.  Trust me.

The start of this website

We all have to start somewhere.  And this website is the beginning.  It is where I collect all the data, and present it to you.  I do this because it is the one variable I have total control over.

I get to decide what web host to use (Dreamhost)

I get to pick the content management system (WordPress)

I have full control over all the content.

Using Google Analytics I can measure every little bit of what happens.  Here’s a graph of my traffic prior to today.  The beginnings of this site don’t get any more humble than this.  I have zero traffic.

Google Analytics data for Sept 28 2015
Google Analytics data for Sept 28 2015

Every week on Monday I’ll share my latest google graph.  Then the rest of the week you can subscribe to this site to get updated to see what I’ve done to drive traffic here.

Did I mention that everything I do will be from zero?  I don’t have any money to invest in this project so everything will either be free, or paid for by money generated by this website.