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18 Wedding Album Companies

by Eric Hegwer on 1 February, 2010

I was amazed when I began to look for professional wedding albums. I thought it would be super easy to find a comprehensive list. Wouldn’t it? Well I couldn’t. So I made one. Most of these companies only deal with professional photographers. If you are a pro, I’m curious as to which company you use (leave me a note in the comments) and your experiences with them. And if you are a bride, you might want to ask your photographer which company they use to make your wedding album.

I had only one requirement when assembling this list. They had to make a 8×10 inch 20 page album. It didn’t matter if the pages were rigid or flexible, or what kind of printing process they used. I then contacted each of these companies directly, and got a catalog and price list. Then I ordered them by price – The Blurb came in at less than $50, and La Vie will run you deep into the 4-figure range. (I’ve actually seen a LaVie, and it is a beautiful handcraftedJapanese work of art).

Art Leather
Vision Art
Leather Craftsmen Р check out these wedding album pictures, and this Matted Wedding Album
White Glove
La Vie

I personally feel that a professionally designed wedding album is the best way to preserve and showcase your wedding pictures. You don’t need any batteries, or computer screens to look at them when they are professionally printed and bound in a beautiful leather volume. But beware, it takes time to design, print, and bind a wedding book. It’s a process you shouldn’t rush. I don’t.

Over the next year, I plan on ordering one book from each of these companies – and then making a blog post about the book. If you are a rep for one of these companies (or you want your company added) drop me a line, and let’s talk.

I’ve assembled this list of professional wedding album companies. If you want a beautiful book with your wedding photos, check out this list, and then talk with your photographer to see if they use one of these companies. ¬†And if you have a CD of your wedding pictures, and want an album designed, let’s talk.

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jim brandano February 3, 2010 at 8:47 am

We use zookbinders. Great selection of product and the service is good. Quality is great albums, photobooks, framed album pages, cards.
Quality of all is great.

Eric Hegwer February 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

Hey Jim – What’s the turnaround time, from when you send out the design, until you get it back?

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