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Weddings at Austin Country Club

by Eric Hegwer on 29 May, 2009

As a wedding planner for a large hotel, the bride opted for some first look photos at the church before the wedding started- This is where the bride and the groom see each other before the start of the ceremony.  If you ask me, it really helps to slow down the pace of the wedding, and lets people have more fun at the reception.  Get your chores done early, and you can play the rest of the day, I alway say.

The ceremony was at the Tarrytown Methodist Church, in Austin.  I had to follow some standard church wedding photogrpahy precautions put in place because the church has had some bad experiences with a previous photographer.  Specifically, what I’m talking about is when a phtographer doesn’t respect the church service.  They get on the altar, or are disruptive during the sermon, or lay down in strange places.  I understand the need to get “the shot”, but also understand that the couple has chosen to get married in a church for a reason, and that if you want to make a creative image, you can always re-create the moment after the ceremony when the service is over.  Sure, there are some great opportunities to get some great pictures, but don’t be disrespectful just so you can make a great photo.

But,after the ceremony we all hopped onto a limo bus and headed out to the Austin Country club (that’s the one with the great view of the 360 bridge from the golf course.  After a few minutes of quick formals in the sweltering heat and humidity (It was near 100° and on the verge of raining the entire day), we went to the reception at the Country Club, for a great party.  Thanks guys for including me in your day.




You can see their engagement pictures at the UT tower here.

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