I hate for my very first post to be about this topic, but something unexpected happened last night that I just had to document.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday. Low 60° temps which is extremely unusual for this time of year. It was one of those days where we opened the windows to start to air out the house.

The previous owner of our house built 4 nice raised beds, put up a cheap plastic greenhouse, and converted a gazebo into a chicken coop.

My Grandmother, the one who the book was written about, loved to garden. As far back as I can remember, she has had one, and the one in her house on Pine st was spectacular.

Maybe that’s where I got the green thumb.

Perhaps it came from the rolling green and gold hills of Monterey County where I grew up. I still check my bags of lettuce to see if they came from the Salinas Valley.

I have been tasked myself with carefully separating the Chcken Coop from the Gazebo. Which is no easy feat. The previous owners have used ever different fastner under the sun to connect the structure to gether. So far I have seen:

  • Phillips head wood screws
  • ring shank nails
  • threaded eyelets
  • Star AND Hex Deck screws
  • and lots of chicken poo

I have been spending an hour or so of my daytime spare time to take down a different wall or component for the last several days. This is where I’m at currently:

The Chicken Coop attached to the Gazebo

I guess where I’m going with this is that yesterday was beautiful, unseasonal weather, that I decided to take advantage of and work outside prepping the garden area for the upcoming season.

But it is still february in Zone 5.

Around 5:00 or so, I began to get a splitting headache. For me this is quite unusual. My first thought for a cuasue went to dehydration, as I did a workout in the AM, as well as a fair amount of exertion on the hen house. My wife thought it was my hypertension – which has been running high, but not enough to cause concern to me.

I drank some water, and took a hot shower, and a shot of Flonaise (because sometimes allergies cause headaches for me), and felt good enough to fall asleep that evening.

But at 11 I woke up with enough pain that I had to take 2 Tylenol. The helped, and soon I was again asleep.

This morning, just 20 minutes ago I woke up to this:

Feb 28, 2024 snow

Apparently my head is now a barometer, and I can feel weather systems as the begin to roll in.

Temps dropped 50°. It is currently 17° and we got about 1-2 inches of soft snow covering everything.

At least I get to use my brand new snowblower for the first time today.

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