Hello world!

If you have found this, then most likely you were looking for me, Eric Hegwer.

Over the many years I’ve been on-line I have started (and closed) dozens of blogs. I’ve had personal ones, ones for my various business ventures, and even created a bunch for others.

This one is different.

Before I share how, I want to explain the motivation and reasoning behind why I am starting a new personal digital journal, when it seems like all I (we) do is spend time on line anyway.

I recently have been noticing not only how much time I spend on-line, but also what is being shown to me, and I’m not happy with either.

For many years I’ve said that social media is a race to the bottom.

For the major social media companies, it will always be about profits, and how much money they can make for their shareholders. Although their intentions may be pure and just, ultimately it is about how much advertisers will pay, and how much money they can make.

Which directly ties into the second half of social, the users. For us (them) it is all about getting seen. Getting Exposure. Going viral. How many likes, shares, and saves did this post get. What is the watch time of this video. All in the goal of getting more eyes on my (our) content.

The other day I saw a video in my You Tube feed. It was just shown to me, because the algorithm thought I’d like it. Made by by Ms Kim, a pre-vet student at Arizona, she talked about how she wanted to create a different kind of digital portfolio.

From what I understand she is blogging because it allows her full creative control. I cant help that this Gen Z is intrigued with the vintage-ness of the platform. Sort of like how I have begun to collect Vinyl records again.

At the same time, as I pass the point of no return in my life (I’m now over half as old as anyone has lived in my family’s history), I see things differently, too. I think about the tome on my bookshelf written about my grandmother, and the dozen or so white banker’s boxes in my basement with papers and photos from my life and travels.

I’ve always wanted to have a shelf in my library with multi colored scrapbooks where I’ve organized my life. Let’s be honest. I’m not crafty, and don’t have the patience to put everything into it’s own taxonomy.

With this site, I can easily “go through” all the boxes, and document my memories, thoughts and experiences. Using the power of WordPress, I can classify every last detail.

And this site can live for ever, essentially.

So while my blog, this site, isn’t about chasing comments or ❤️ It is about legacy.

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